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Custom Event Vending Machines

Event technology improves tremendously every year, and adopting the most cutting-edge technologies is a fantastic event option for organizers looking to boost guest engagement. Brand marketers now have access to more channels, expanding their reach, while consumers increasingly favor these easy-to-use channels as a means of entertainment.

The social media vending machine is the most dependable option for efficiently managing your event through the combination of technology and social media platforms that generates a wide range of creative strategies for increasing event-goers’ engagement.

Event vending machines are an excellent way to increase brand awareness and participation in events such as trade fairs, conferences, festivals, and marketing campaigns. These vending machines for hire or rent can be designed to provide rewards in response to certain user actions, such as using a specific hashtag in a tweet or uploading a photo to Instagram.

What’s more, our activation vending machines at Ausbox Vending Machine Australia has repeatedly shown its effectiveness in raising brand recognition and consumer participation, all while adding a dose of fun that sets us ahead of the competition. Our professional designers can produce eye-catching new graphics for vending machines, complete with your brand’s colors and logo. Use static adhesive and pressure-sensitive custom vending machine wraps to advertise on your machines. Promote high-margin products and loyalty schemes.

Custom Event Vending Machines Types

Here are some of the amazing custom event vending machine systems that we offer at Ausbox Vending Machine Australia

Beverage Machines

These custom vending machines come in a variety of designs and offer drinks of standard size. If the machines have glass fronts, customers can see the drinks while they are being served. Closed-front machines are useful for marketing since you can put your logo on them, making a memorable impression on passers-by.

Vending Machines for Cold Drinks

Vending machines for cold drinks, such as sodas, are the most popular since they employ compressors to keep the drinks chilled while they are kept.

Hot Beverage Vending Machines

These machines are ready to sell hot beverages, provide a variety of cups in various sizes, and even let you select your own coffee mix. When guests use the coffee vending machines, the machines grind the beans and brew a new pot of coffee every time.

Snack Machines

Vending machines that offer snacks are a terrific way to increase sales at your event by meeting the huge demand for these items. Most attendees want to munch on something while watching the shows, and snack vending machines are a terrific way to keep them interested and satisfied.

Fresh Food Vending Machine

Serve only freshly prepared foods and use a temperature regulation system to keep refreshments at a safe temperature for your guests. It’s an excellent way to create rapport with the audience and leave a lasting impression that makes them want to return again and again.

Get Your Custom Vending Machine Today

Ausbox Vending Machine provides a variety of social vending machines perfect for events and other gatherings. You can book one of these amazing interactive machines here in Australia right now. Contact us right now if you want to learn more about this amazing vending machine designed just for events. If you have any concerns regarding this event vending machine or need help booking it, our helpful Experts are here to help.

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