Helmet Vending Machines To Make Debut

The 11-19th May is Boston Bike Week and there is some news that has not been widely reported.

helmet vending machine

Yes, that’s right. Helmet vending machines are on their way to make a debut in a big way. These ATM-like kiosks will help riders stay safe without having to carry their helmets everywhere. According to Boston Bike’s czar, Nicole Freedman, the first of four vending machines will make their debut between late June and early July. If everything goes well, the city will have another 15 of these by the end of the summer.

Helmets will be at riders’ disposal for rent as well as for sale. The city is trying to firm a deal with HelmetHub and also trying to keep the cost as low as possible. The rent will be about $2.00 per helmet. These will be the first helmet vending machines anywhere on the streets of America. Also, for frequent helmet users, a membership program will commence.

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