Hand Gloves and Hand Wipes Vending Machines to Improve Public Safety

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for businesses and organizations to improve public and workplace safety. These involve providing various hygiene products like hand gloves, hand wipes, hand sanitizers, face masks, and more. With these, everyone can protect themselves and curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, to make it easier for workers and the general public to have access to these personal hygiene products, Ausbox Vending Machines, an Australian based business in Melbourne, developed the hand gloves and hand wipes vending machine. These vending machines are able to dispense various items such as hand gloves, hand wipes, PPE safety supplies as well as other hygiene products to people in public places and workers at the office.

In addition, the hand gloves vending machine can dispense face masks, hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial tissues, and so forth. The face mask vending machine makes it possible for every individual to have easy access to several personal hygiene items. Whether it is at the airport, railway station, office, supermarket, park, hospital, or police station, it is now possible to protect employees and improve public safety with the hand sanitizer vending machines from Ausbox Vending Machines.


About the Hand Gloves and Hand Wipes Vending Machines

Ausbox Vending Machines is a leading provider of vending service based in Melbourne, Australia. Our company is committed to providing custom hand gloves vending machines and solutions to organizations and businesses in different cities all over the country. Also, we make it a priority to continue improving public safety and workplace safety. This way, we can curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and keep everyone safe.

Furthermore, our hand sanitizer vending machines ensure that everyone can now get hygiene products such as face masks, hand sanitizers, PPE Safety supplies, anti-bacterial tissues, hand gloves, and so forth, especially during this coronavirus pandemic period. The machine is able to hold from 100 to 800 bottles of hand sanitizers, depending on the size of the bottle. The face mask vending machines are absolutely safe and always open.

How to Use the PPE Safety Supplies and Face Mask Vending Machines

Operating the face mask vending machines is relatively easy. All our vending machines are fully automated. You can set up the hand gloves vending machine at your office reception or a public place to dispense one product to each person per day. Also, the hand wipes vending machine can be activated through a credit card, email link, mobile device, staff RFID card, QR code, and other custom requirements.

Turn to Us for Quality and Affordable Hand Gloves and Hand Wipes Vending Machines

Contact us today at Ausbox Vending Machines to order hand gloves vending machines for your business or company! Our hand sanitizer vending machines are of high quality and very affordable. They are suitable for offices, airports, railway stations, educational institutions, supermarkets, police stations, parks, hospitals, and factories. We serve businesses in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Darwin, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, Australia. We always guarantee quality and excellent services.

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