Grab and Go Vending Machine and the introduction of Unmanned Retail in Australia

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Thanks to advancements in technology, several companies across Australia are on the verge of introducing new ways to provide food and drinks to employees. These companies are evolving from traditional vending machines to smart fridges. These smart fridges are loaded with fresh and healthy food options for the benefit of staff members. The fridge is powered by RFID, Smart Shelves, and Computer Vision Camera technology.

What’s more, each food item in the fridge comes with a disposable RFID tag attached to the bottom. To make use of the smart fridge, employees will need to swipe their credit cards and choose the food items or drinks they want. The AI vending machine scans the tag to determine which item the user took. After every purchase, they will be charged accordingly, and a receipt with the sent to their mail. The unmanned retail vending machine features a screen that shows food prices, nutrition, and dietary information.

Unmanned Retail Vending Machine from Ausbox Vending Machines

Ausbox Vending Machines is a reputable vending machine provider that specializes in the design and supply of quality, top-class vending machine systems, and custom smart vending machine solutions. One of our latest inventions is the unmanned retail vending machine featuring RFID technology, smart shelves, and computer vision cameras.

Our cutting edge smart fridges come with computer vision AI cameras that notice customer’s actions, including items picked or returned to the fridge or shelf. Also, the system will generate the bill, charge customers, and send the receipt to their mail automatically. Our grab and go vending machine system can be operated unattended. Hence, there’s no need to designate an employee to monitor the system.

Features of the Unmanned Retail Vending Machine

Below are some amazing features of the unmanned food vending machine:

IoT Cloud Management: Each piece of item, including food and drinks, can be managed through the IoT cloud.

Large Screen: The food vending machine comes with a large screen for advertising and interacting with customers. Also, the screen shows food prices, nutrition, and dietary information.

AI-Based Optimization: The AI-based optimization helps the grab and go vending machine system to derive insights and gain vital information about customer behavior. With this, the vending machine is able to provide personalized services for enhanced customer experience.

Product Learning: The AI vending machine is able to learn about items in less than 24 hours.

Facial Recognition Capabilities: Face recognition technology helps the vending machine to accurately recognize the customer’s identity and movement trajectory, including age, gender, and expressions.

Multiple Payment Gateway: Also, the unmanned retail vending machine system supports several payment options, including mobile wallets, mobile apps, credit cards, and QR codes.

Advantages of the Grab and Go Vending

Some advantages of the smart AI food vending machine include:

  • Simple and fast user experience
  • Retrofit possible for any kind of cabinets
  • The smart fridge is cheaper than traditional vending machines
  • The system can recognize over 30,000 different items with an accuracy of approximately 99.7%
  • Smart operation which helps new retail with digital technology
  • Allows real-time monitoring of operations
  • Remote management through the mobile app

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